The Marriott Drilling Group is the largest deep onshore deep drilling company based in the United Kingdom operating 19 drilling and workover rigs and a wide range of drilling and associated services to the oil, gas, shale gas, gas storage, coal, CBM, mining, water and geothermal industries and for specialised geoscientific drilling projects in Europe and selected international markets.
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Marriott carries out deep mining exploration boreholes including boreholes for coal and potash with particular experience in the use of heavy duty mining wireline system for large diameter high quality core and associated testing programmes. These systems have been successful used in boreholes which have been sidetracked to obtain additional geometric control on formation structure.

Similar heavy duty coring systems has been used by Marriott personnel for geological and hydrological investigations for potential sites for deep mined repositories for radioactive waste disposal in a range of geologies.

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