The Marriott Drilling Group is the largest deep onshore deep drilling company based in the United Kingdom operating 19 drilling and workover rigs and a wide range of drilling and associated services to the oil, gas, shale gas, gas storage, coal, CBM, mining, water and geothermal industries and for specialised geoscientific drilling projects in Europe and selected international markets.
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Marriott Enjoys a Safe and Successful 2015 and 2016

August 2016

It has been a busy year or so for the Marriott Group including continuing successful operations in the UK, Kenya and Belize. Noteworthy is the excellent record for health and safety with Rig 46, working in a challenging environment in Northern Kenya, achieving 980 days without a lost time accident prior to a short break in operations




Operations in Northern Kenya are particularly challenging in the harsh desert environment with Summer temperatures up to 50o C. As well as operating a land rig drilling exploration wells in a remote area, Marriott also manages a 225 man camp facility for the crews, service companies and the client. The Rig 46 camp is regarded as having one of the highest levels of cleanliness and service of any similar camp in Africa.

Marriott will carry out a number of workovers for the client, Tullow Oil, in the latter part of 2016 with Rig 46 and hopefully will return to drilling in the region in near future.


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