The Marriott Drilling Group is the largest deep onshore deep drilling company based in the United Kingdom operating 19 drilling and workover rigs and a wide range of drilling and associated services to the oil, gas, shale gas, gas storage, coal, CBM, mining, water and geothermal industries and for specialised geoscientific drilling projects in Europe and selected international markets.
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Marriott undertakes oil and gas exploration, appraisal and development drilling in both environmentally sensitive areas of Europe and at a variety of international locations including remote jungle and arid locations using global experience and local knowledge and resources. Recent contracts have included deep HT/HP wells in Africa, exploration and development drilling in jungle terrain in Central America as well as exploration drilling for projects in Europe.

With the Group’s experience in developing hydrocarbon resources as well as acting as a contracting service provider, this gives an in-depth understanding of individual client’s requirements in this sector of the market.

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